To take some of the local culture home, many visitors look to the local Savoyard cuisine. It is relatively easy to find some of the local delicacies of the area in shops around France but it can be trickier to find them in the UK. For this reason many people who have enjoyed the local cuisine look for something to take home with them. Whilst the supermarkets stock many of the items, such as the cheeses, saucissson and drinks including Genepi and Chartreuse, many people look for the more authentic artisan products to enjoy the real experience. As Avoriaz is a far newer town there are less options for traditional shops, or traditional farms. Indeed, none of the original farms were based in Avoriaz, it was simply an area for cattle to graze in the summer months and was not suitable for winter farming due to its altitude and exposure - returning to the valley for winter was a far better option.

Where To Buy Local Delicacies

The best option for buying local produce close to Avoriaz is to visit La Ferme De Serrausaix. This is located on the Route DíAvoriaz an can be accessed by car or by skiing (or even walking from the ski lifts). The Ferme is part of a GAEC - Groupement Agricole d'Exploitation en Commun. These are associations of farmers who work together.The Chamois GAEC is made up of three farmers - Gilles, Sebastien and Pierre-Marie - who each bring their own skills to the group. They have a herd of forty cows who spend the summer months on the pastures of Nyon and live in the ferme during winter. It is possible to visit the stable and see the cattle (free of charge), meet with the local shepherd and enjoy a cheese, charcuterie and fondue tasting, as well as a tour of the farm. The Ferme De Serrausaix sells a variety of local cheeses as well as a mixture of charcuterie meat, milk chocolate and other farm products. Having the chance to meet the cows who provided the milk for your cheese as well as the farmers who make it, in the farm where it all comes together, is an experience not to be missed and provides a great talking point when sharing the cheese with your friends back at home.