To take home some of the Alpine culture, visit some of the souvenir shops around Avoriaz and find something to suit your tastes. Souvenirs can range from small mementos to decorations and home furnishings.

Different Types Of Souvenirs

Some of the more obvious souvenirs include small branded items such as cigarette lighters, stickers and patches for clothes. These often also include the Savoie flag. Postcards can be bought to send to friends and family. There are a variety of different postcards available, some with images dating back to before Avoriaz was built, showing the rustic plateau in pre skiing days. Others show the town as it is now, or views from the town and others have shots of the surrounding mountains, including some action shots of skiers or snowboarders on the slopes. There are also posters available showing vintage advertisements for ski resorts. Some of these are available as postcards as well. Many of the gift shops also sell T shirts, locally themed toys such as marmots and decorations. Decorations can vary from traditional cow bells, decorative traditional wooden skis and figurines all the way up to rugs, curtains and bed coverings, locally made pottery, scented candles and furniture made using traditional artisan methods.

Where To Buy Souvenirs

There are a number of different souvenir shops located around the centre of Avoriaz. As a purpose built resort Avoriaz has a convenient, central shopping area, making it easy to walk around looking in all the shops and deciding what to buy. As a newer town Avoriaz does not have a historic market like some of the other nearby villages (this would be hard to set up anyway, as Avoriaz is a car free resort) but there are still plenty of other options. The local tabacs all stock a small range of souvenirs.

Amongst the usual type of souvenir shops are Press Libraire DíAvoriaz at 187 Promenade Du Festival. This shop sells newspapers and books as well as postcards and other gifts.

Rustica is at 25 Place Du Snow and is another typical souvenir and gift shop.

For something a bit more special try Au Malamute Services - Lagorge Didier. They sell a large range of souvenirs and decorations. They stock hand made curtains, linen, table decorations, scented candles and traditional artisan carpentry, ranging from sculptures and smaller items all the way up to traditionally made furniture.