Avoriaz is a mountain village and so it is particularly at the mercy of the elements. Therefore checking the forecast can help to be prepared for whatever conditions might arise.

Avoriaz Weather Report

The first and most obvious information to be gained from the forecast is information regarding the weather. The forecast can change rapidly, so it is not to be taken as 100% accurate although it is certainly a good place to start. The mountain climate means that temperatures and conditions can change rapidly, and the seasons can also be vastly different from each other. In the space of just a few days in winter temperatures can go from minus fifteen degrees to plus fifteen degrees. It is important to be prepared for both possibilities and any in between. Whilst winter probably sees the greatest variation all the other seasons can show a lot of change from day to day as well. The weather forecast will provide some idea of what to expect.

Snow Report

During winter the snow report is another part of the forecast for visitors to consult. This provides information regarding the snow conditions - what type of snow visitors can expect to find on the slopes when they are skiing. It also provides details regarding the potential avalanche risk and how safe the off piste skiing is. It also has information about what lifts and pistes are open. Like the weather forecast this information is updated daily so will be accurate. Combining the weather report and the snow report together gives the most accurate picture of what to expect both on the mountain and in the village.