Before and during your stay in Avoriaz it is possible to get an idea of the conditions by checking the weather forecast for the area. Although conditions can change and make the forecast inaccurate, it is usually a good place to start.

Type of snow

Checking the snow report will provide you with information about the type of snow to expect on the mountain. This can affect the type of skis/board you take up the mountain and whether or not they need waxing It can also influence where you ride - off piste, on piste, in the park. If the pistes are icy then it is a good idea to be forewarned in order to sharpen the edges of your skis or board and so that you will be more cautious whilst skiing in case of slipping.

Avalanche reports

The Avalanche report is perhaps the single most important information that can be gained from the snow report. It can be life saving if you are planning to go off piste at all. The avalanche report is updated every day and provides a rating from one to five describing the avalanche risk for the day. This information can be found at most of the lifts as well.

Lift and Piste Openings

Depending on the conditions and the time of year some lifts and pistes might not be open. This is especially true early and late in the season. However, poor snow cover can affect what is open at any time of the winter. If there is not enough snow then pistes can be shut for safety reasons or simply because it is not possible to ski down them due to the lack of snow. If there is a sudden, very large snowfall this can also lead to closures. Another factor that affects what is open is the wind. The higher, more exposed lifts can shut for safety reasons if the wind is too high.