The weather provides the clearest indication of the different seasons in Avoriaz. There is certainly a great deal of crossover, particularly in the seasons that are categorised as "interseason" (ie spring and autumn), the winter and summer are much more contrasting, bringing either skiers and snowboarders or mountain bikers and climbers to the mountains


Winter, and winter sports, are the reason for the original construction of Avoriaz. It begins in early December till late April. Avoriaz has held the record for the highest snowfall in the Alps in previous years. From December till April the town and the surrounding mountains will be busy with skiers and snowboarders and all the shops and bars in town will be open for business for the busiest season of the year.


Spring begins during the ski season, around late March and lasts till the end of June. The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. The slopes and the town are still relatively busy whilst the ski lifts are still open but after the lifts close town gets very quiet. The weather generally continues warming up although there can still be cold days and even snow fall.


By the end of June summer has begun. Most, if not all, of the snow will have melted and the mountain bike an hiking trails will have become accessible once again. There is often still snow visible on the high slopes above Avoriaz, particularly on the Haut Forts. However, by July and August when the temperatures are at their highest (at times reaching over 30 degrees) the snow is usually completely gone. Avoriaz is not as busy as Morzine and Les Gets in summer as it is not as popular a destination in summer as it is in winter.


The mountain bike trails are completely shut by early September when Autumn begins. The temperatures begin dropping and, due to the higher altitude Avoriaz will get the earliest snowfall in the area. Whilst there is rainfall in the lower villages there can be snow starting to settle in Avoriaz by late October or Early November. A lot of the early snow will probably melt but the snowline will be slowly getting lower. Autumn is the probably the most colourful month, with the trees turning brown and red and yellow. There are usually still warm sunny days to contrast with the colder days leading up to winter.