Autumn is certainly the quietest season in Avoriaz, as there is little to do in or around the town and often the weather has begun to worsen leading towards winter. It falls outside the skiing season and the mountain biking season with no overlap with either of them.

When does Autumn run from and till?

Autumn can be said to run from late September till late November.

What is the weather like in Autumn?

The temperature in September can still be very warm but by October the average temperature has dropped into single figures again. By October it is quite normal for snow to start falling. Whilst the storms will generally bring rain tot he valley, when the clouds clear the peaks can have turned white. The earlier snowfalls usually melt around the town of Avoriaz but in some of the higher areas the snow can begin to settle by late October and early November. However, if there is no early snowfall it is by no means an indicator of a bad winter to come. There could be plenty of snow on the way in late November and early December and by that point the average temperature will have dropped enough for the snow to settle and for the snow cannons to be turned on in order to get the slopes ready for the opening weekend and if there is enough snow the piste bashers will be out packing the snow down on the pistes.

When can people begin skiing?

In years of early snow some keen skiers and snowboarders begin hiking in the snow in order to get a few early turns in. Those with touring kits can head up Arare and get some early powder turns in if they are lucky. Some people also park at the bottom of the Chapelle park and hike up.

What is the town like in Autumn?

The town is generally very quiet until the very end of autumn when it will slowly begin filling up again ready for winter to begin. It is unsurprising that it is not a popular destination in the cold and wet autumn months, but it is also easy to understand why it begins filling up again when the snow starts to fall.