In Avoriaz spring season is not as quiet as autumn due to some overlap with the ski season, but it is certainly quieter than the main winter months.

When does Spring begin and end?

Spring can be said to begin from around March. The average temperatures increase at this time of the year and it is not unusual to see people walking around town in T shirts during the day. However, it is still cold when the sun goes down even on the warmest days. It is also normal to still get snowfall all the way through spring, not just while the ski lifts are still open but all the way through May.

What is the temperature like in spring?

By mid to late April the average temperature will usually have increased even more. The benefit of the extra altitude is that whilst it often rains at lower altitudes towards the end of the season the colder temperatures at 1800 metres and above mean that there is an increased chance of snowfall during storms.

What to look out for in spring

As snow melts on the higher slopes this is the best time of year to spot some of the local flora and fauna. Mountain flowers will begin to grow in the ground where the snow has melted and if you are lucky and pay close attention then you might be able to see some marmottes playing in the snow. The area around the Mossettes is particularly good for spotting them.

What is the weather like in spring?

After the lifts close at the end of April and the ski season is finished for another year the snow continues to melt as summer draws closer. The occasional snowfall cannot hold back the inevitable melting of the snow as the town gets ready for summer. There is usually increased rainfall during May as well which helps wash away the remaining snow and clear the golf course and the mountain bike trails.

What is the town like in spring?

The town is very quiet throughout May and into June as the mountain bike season does not start in Avoriaz till late June. By May the average temperature will have got into double figures so the snow will be melting faster.