Summer is generally a quiet time in Avoriaz. Although not as quiet as the seasons of spring and autumn.

What is the weather like in summer?

The weather is well suited to the outdoor activities of summer. The warm weather is perfect for hiking, golf, climbing and mountain biking. Due to the extra altitude Avoriaz is cooler than Morzine lower down in the valley but this can be beneficial on particularly hot days.

What is the temperature like in summer?

The average temperature reaches approximately 24 degrees celsius around the end of July/start of August, whilst staying in the low twenties from about mid June to the start of September. The evenings at the beginning and end of summer can be chilly and it is good to be prepared for the drop in temperature when the sun goes down.

Changing weather

Due to the Alpine climate it is also important to be prepared for a sudden change in weather conditions. Whilst this can take the form of unexpected snowstorms in winter in summer it can mean heavy rainfall and spectacular thunder storms, especially in the evenings. Whilst these can be very impressive to watch from the safety of your chalet or apartment it would not be a pleasant experience to get caught on the mountain in such conditions, and could potentially be dangerous.

Can it snow in summer?

It is not unheard of for there to be occasional snowfall on the highest peaks around Avoriaz, and snowfall in town is also not unheard of (although rare). Snow from winter can still be seen on the slopes into June usually. This is especially true where it has been packed down on the pistes, in shaded places and in the Arare and Fornet areas above Avoriaz. There will often also be remnants of the half pipe still melting away at the start of summer. Towards the end of Summer as the temperature begins to drop there can occasionally be early snowfall, but it is too early for the snow to begin to settle for winter.

Generally summer is a great time for being outdoors, whatever the level of physical activity you would like - from sunbathing to mountain biking and climbing.