Built in the 1960s, Avoriaz does not have the long tradition and history of Morzine, but it never the less has a fascinating story to tell as you will discover.

Avoriaz Projects

As the town continues moving forward and developing for the new demands of increased visitor numbers the ski area continues to develop with new projects. The Prodains lift, which opened in 1962, was replaced in 2013 with the 3S high speed gondola, vastly increasing the number of people who can get up to Avoriaz per hour - up to 2,500 people an hour now. The Brochaux lift has also recently been upgraded and a new blue run has been built to link up with the upgraded lift.

In town the Aquariaz waterpark has been the biggest development in the town in many years, costing 200 million euros to construct. It features, amongst other things, an outside heated spa area, water slides, a climbing wall, massage tables and an aquatic childrenís play area.

Key Dates

The key dates in Avoriazís development as a winter sportís destination can be broken down to the development of the original town in the 1960s when Jean Vuarnet returned from the Winter Olympics, the construction of the Prodains Express to link the valley with Avoriaz and the continued development of the ski area to link up with Switzerland and make a truly international ski area.


Before the 1960s there was very little in the area. Skiing was still in its infancy and there were only a few hardy skiers who ventured into the area above what would become Avoriaz and realised the potential. The land was mostly used for grazing animals in the warm summer months and little else.


To help promote the town as it grew as a ski resort a number of events have been held in and around the town over the years. A film festival began there in 1973 and continued till 1993 and featured films by many acclaimed directors.

The FIS have held ski races on some of the slopes around the town, helping to highlight the excellent snow conditions and some of the more challenging skiing in the area.

The Tour De France has come to Avoriaz on a number of occasions. The climb to Avoriaz is a tough challenge for the cyclists and attracts amateurs to come and test themselves against the times of the best cyclists in the world.

Recently Avoriaz has also hosted music festivals in the winter - the Snowboxx festival and the Transition festival.