Having come to Morzine and immersed themselves in the local culture, many visitors will have tried the local food during their stay. There are a number of different stores around town specialising in the local delicacies.

Local Delicacies

The foods for which Morzine and the surrounding area is most well known for include the local cheeses - in particular Abondance, Tomme de Savoie, Reblochon and Raclette cheese, the local saucissons and ham, the local liqueurs including Chartreuse, Poire and Genepi, jams, preserves and honey, and locally baked produce. Many of these are available in the local supermarkets, but for a more authentic experience, a greater variety and higher quality, there are specific stores to visit.

The Local Delicacies Stores

L'Alpage - La Fruitiere De Morzine is one of the most impressive shops for locally produced foods. Located on Route De La Plagne, it opened in 1983. It specialises in cheese, which is produced on site. The cows, which spend their winter in a barn for warmth and the summer months on the Nyon plateau, produce between three hundred and nine hundred litres of milk a day. The milk is used to produce Reblochon, Abondance, Tomme and Tommette and a special local cheese, the Pointe de Nyon. The shop offers tours of the cheese making facilities throughout summer and winter. Other products sold in the shop include raw milk from the cows, saucisson and ham, local wines and liqueurs, herbal teas harvested from the mountain and local chocolates.

Le Refuge De Marie Louise can be found between the Pleney lift and the tourist office on Taille de Mas du Pleney,next to the Les Airelles hotel. Saucisson is their speciality, and they stock a wide selection including one which is made using their own recipe. They also stock cheese, ham, local alcoholic drinks, jams and honey. All the food they stock has been carefully selected from the produce of the best local artisans.

Le Grenier Morzine is located on Rue Du Bourg. It specialises in the local meats, in particularly charcuterie. It also stocks local cheese, yoghurt, honey,wines and local craft products. They also rent the materials needed to make the local fondue, raclette and pierrade at home.

Le Panier Montagnard is next to the tourist office on Route de la Plagne. They specialise in local produce and also rent out the materials for fondue and raclette.

Chez La Miladou on Route De La Plagne sells local cheeses, local charcuterie meats and local alcoholic drinks.

For the local baked products, Chez Celine can be found on Rue Du Bourg. As well as croissants and pain au chocolat they also offer a pain complet - bread with cheese and bacon baked into it. On Route De La Plagne the Bonbonnerie also sells local bread and pastry goods as well as specialising in a range of desserts that are miniature works of art in themselves.