Morzine has a long and interesting history. But it must keep pace with the modern world to avoid falling behind the times and losing out on visitors to other resorts.

Ski lifts

Since the Pleney first opened in 1934 it has always been an issue how to get the best possible access to the ski area without it becoming too intrusive to the town and the surrounding mountains. With this in mind a great deal of planning and research has gone into the proposed link between Morzine and Avoriaz. The proposed link would go from the top of Rue Du Bourg, in the heart of Morzine, to the bottom of the Prodains and then up to Avoriaz. It would make access to Avoriaz far easier and reduce the number of cars and buses on the roads, and therefore pollution. The proposed route will keep the number of pylons to a minimum to reduce the impact on the mountainside. At the moment the lift is still only in the planning stages and the town must decide if the high cost of building it will make it viable, but the benefits to the town - lowering pollution, bringing in more visitors, reducing traffic jams - are massive and it is to be hoped that the town can move forward in the future.

Building projects

With increased visitor numbers in recent years it has become increasingly necessary to improve road access to allow people to get around town without major traffic jams. Due to the unique nature of the challenges of construction in a town surrounded by mountains, combined with the fact that Morzine's infrastructure was never originally designed for the high number of visitors it welcomes every year, studies have had to be conducted to decide the best course of action. A number of proposals have been put forward, including a new tunnel, and it remains to be seen what direction the new work will take. There are also plans in place to turn the cemetery into a garden of remembrance and move the deceased to an ossuary in order to alleviate the problems that flooding causes.

The future

With many proposals in place, Morzine is set for some major development in the coming years. With careful planning this can be extremely beneficial for the town and only increase its reputation as a great holiday destination.