Before you plan your journey to discover Morzine, it is recommended to check the latest weather forecast and snow report.

The weather in Morzine can change quickly and drastically. Whilst you might wake up to blue skies and warm weather by the afternoon a full scale snow storm could have descended on town.

Weather forecast

The weather forecasts are generally accurate up to three days in advance and can get slightly less accurate any further ahead than that as many different factors can affect the upcoming weather.

It is important to check the weather in Morzine every day so that you are fully prepared for your day on the mountain. This could mean wearing extra layers if the forecast is for cold weather or snow or making sure you have some sunscreen in case it is going to be a clear and sunny day. 

The weather forecast can give a reasonably accurate prediction of the expected snowfall and is a good way to predict what the conditions on the mountain will be like. The forecast is also a good way to plan your day - if a storm is coming it is probably a good idea not to venture too far away from town, sticking to slopes closer to home. It is also a good idea to stay in the trees if there is going to be a storm. A clear sunny day is a good day to head further afield and explore the area more. You will also be able to enjoy the views more on days like this.

Snow report

The snow report will provide you with detailed information about the current conditions on the slopes. This is important for safety reasons (Avalanche conditions, for example) as well as allowing you to take the correct kit with you for the day ahead, whether to take powder skis or piste skis with you.