The location of Morzine in the French Alps means that it can not spread out as easily as some other towns.

Yearly Population

The yearly population of Morzine is approximately 3,000. It has an area of about 44 kilometres squared.

Seasonal population

However, these figures do not tell the full story. Every winter thousands of people come to Morzine to live for the winter season, from December to the end of April. A large proportion of these seasonal workers come from Britain but also from Holland, Scandinavia and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. The town tends to become a lot quieter during the months between winter and summer, before becoming busier again for the summer mountain biking season from June till September.

Visitor Numbers

In 2016 interest in Morzine went up by 16% making it the most popular ski destination for British holidaymakers. With approximately 900,000 British tourists taking ski holidays, and France being far and away the most popular destination (with about 87% of inquiries being about France) the influx of tourists has a huge impact on the number of people in Morzine every year.