Geographically Morzine is located in the eastern part of France.

Central European Time Zone

This means that it is in the Central European Time Zone. This time zone is used by most of the European Union and some Northern African countries. It is one hour ahead of the time zone in Britain. During the summer months France, as well as most of Europe, also observes Central European Summer Time. Since 1996 Central European Summer Time has been observed between 1:00 AM on the last Sunday of March and 1:00 AM on the last Sunday of October.

Day Length

The length of the days can vary a great deal throughout the year. In January sunrise occurs at roughly 8:15 AM and sunset at about 17:10, giving an average throughout the month of just under nine hours of daylight a day. In February the sunrise is normally between 7:15 AM and 8:00 AM and sunset is at about 18:00 PM, giving a day length that averages at about ten and a half hours throughout the month. In March the sunrise gets as early as 6:30 AM with a sunset at about 18:45 PM until Summer Time begins towards the end of the month. By mid April sunset is back to about 6:45 AM and sunset is on average at about 20:20 PM. The average hours of daylight are about thirteen and a half for the month. By about the halfway point of May sunrise occurs at 6:00 AM and sunset is at 21:00 PM, with fifteen hours of sunlight. The sunrise in June is usually at about 5:45 AM with sunset at 21:30 and about fifteen hours and forty five minutes of daylight. These are the longest days of the year. The hours remain similar in July although by the end of the month sunrise has been pushed to about 6:15 AM and sunset is at 21:00 PM. The daylight hours have fallen to about fourteen and three quarters. By mid August sunrise is at about 6:30 AM and sunset is at about 20:40 PM, with about fourteen hours and fifteen minutes of daylight a day on average. By the end of September the sunrise has moved to about 7:30 AM and sunset is at about 19:15 pm. There is about eleven and three quarter hours of daylight in the day. By mid October sunrise is at about 7:50 AM and sunset at 18:45 PM with an average daily daylight of about ten hours fifty minutes. In November, with the changing back to Central European Time sunrise is on average at about 7:30 AM and sunset at about 17:00 PM with an average of nine and a half hours of daylight during the month. December is the month with the shortest days. Sunrise occurs at about 8:10 AM and sunset at about 16:50 PM. There is an average of about eight hours and forty minutes of daylight throughout the month.